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View Point Restaurant

Set in one of the most dramatic locations in Malta, perched high on the cliff side with sweeping panoramic views of Mellieha Bay, Comino and Gozo lays the Viewpoint Restaurant, an al fresco dining experience on the terrace of the Panorama Hotel in Mellieha.

Upon entering the restaurant, guests are warmly greeted by patron, Joe Deguara, who has  managed the Panorama Hotel for 14 years. Joe’s extensive experience within the industry has enabled him to gain a firm understanding of what both locals and tourists desire from a restaurant; a relaxed, informal atmosphere with delectable Mediterranean dishes that don’t break the bank from one of Malta’s most spectacular viewpoints.

The restaurant is headed by Executive Chef, Mihai Balan, who has worked with some leading chef’s in Paris, including the late Bernard L’Oisseau and Guy Savoy. Mihai’s extensive knowledge of Mediterranean and North African cooking has led him to develop menu that is varied and innovative, with flavours eschewing the broad historical influences that our geographical location has bestowed upon us, in the centre of the Mediterranean. The menu features dishes from various Mediterranean regions, with dishes from Italy, Sicily, Southern France, Spain, Greece, The Middle East, Northern Africa and Malta. Mihai believes that foods from this region all share a common passion for uncomplicated cooking, where the freshness and quality of locally sourced seasonal ingredients play a key part in producing vibrant dishes which are just bursting with flavour.

Signature dishes include Bouillabaisse, a fish stew originating from Marseille in the South of France, with prawns, mussels, red mullet and a variety of other fresh local fish, which is flavoured with tomatoes, garlic, orange, bay, fennel and saffron and served in a traditional earthenware bowl. Another signature dish is the delectable stewed Octopus which is stuffed with minced pork, carrots, fennel and herbs and served with roasted Mediterranean vegetables and potatoes.

Other dishes include pastas, risotto and paella, fresh local fish, a selection of salads, a range of meat and poultry dishes that include the traditional Maltese rabbit, and dishes from North Africa and the Middle East. The extensive wine list is well-sourced and reasonably priced.

The relaxed and informal atmosphere of dining out on the terrace is complemented by live music five days a week, making this the perfect environment for a romantic meal or a get together with friends and family

The restaurant is open in the summer months from Tuesdays to Saturdays